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Brewery project in Freiburg, Germany

Who'd have thought beer and water didn't go together?

We present you our new project in the beverage and food industry.

Since December 2018 and until March 2019, we have been designing a solution in Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, to optimize wastewater treatment for neutralization and odor reduction for the Ganter brewery. Since we take over the optimization of the wastewater plant, the brewery can concentrate entirely on its core area of brewing.  110 thousand hectolitres per year find their way from Freiburg to the nearby region, i.e. approximately 366,667 30L barrels or 5,555,555 six-packs.

The Ganter brewery was founded 154 years ago and produces more than 17 types of beer. But that's not all: the brewery's strong Wodan beer won third place at the 2018 World Beer Awards and is therefore one of the world's most delicious beers. Enjoy the taste, we have already convinced ourselves of the good taste.


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